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Multiple Partner Fertility Awareness

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Family Help Management acknowledges the current issues facing our community with young men and women having children by multiple partners and is working to bring a change mainly through mentoring young adults. The program provides insightful resources and solutions related to (MPF) and the effects it has on our society as a whole. We recognize that when we help our youth, we value our future.  Currently, FHMs preparing to implement after school programs and youth enrichment activities on planned and preventative pregnancy. In order for us to launch these programs we require monetary donations  and most importantly support from our community. it would be an esteem honor to have you or your company as a supporting sponsor for our upcoming future speaking events on ( MPF). You contribution to Multiple Partner Fertility, Inc. will help to examine and provide more research exploring parenting with multiple partners, and the well-being of the children involved and DNA testing.  Also understanding personal, and community development as a unit and the consequences of (MPF).  Your support will help offset expenses and help bring (MPF) awareness  to all races but mainly to low-income urban areas where it is greatly needed. Our program would be grateful for a contribution, the amount is flexible and in kind donations is gladly excepted.                                                                                                                           

Countless citizens from every ethnic group have been this same adversity and will not reveal Multiple Partner Fertility as a family crisis. Almost 1 in 10 men have children with more than one partner which effects our children and their quality of life. Normally these actions are associated with a persons surroundings then multiple partner becomes a vicious cycle passed down from generation to generation. As a result 59% Blacks, 33 Hispanics, and 22% Caucasian  are in the Multiple Partner Fertility  category.  Please help our organization lower the percentages for all races. We appreciate you and or your company affiliation considering our proposal for sponsorship.  All members of MPFI are responsible for planning and execution of informative educational programs for each work shop or  speaking engagement on ( MPF) factors  and enhancing family values for all ages, Please feel free to contact us for more information about this program. 

Sincerely gratefully yours,

​Michelle Harbin

Founder and President

"Saving one child at a time"   The Children are our future!

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