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     "WOMAN’S STORIES INSPIRES  OTHERS TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILY VALUES."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "Author and Motivational Speaker Michelle Harbin’’s  Road to Achievements "                                     CHARLOTTE, NC -   Author Michelle Harbin is a Skillful and Passionate Motivational Public Speaker. She delivers and provides significant skills and techniques to increase family values and building successful relationships throughout the communities.  M. Harbin positively inspires, and encourage men. women and young adults to reevaluate  themselves  and review their family lives as she shares her true to life stories of hard times to achievements. She has empowering successful results with audiences of all ages and races spreading  ( MPF) Multiple Partner Fertility, and Breast Cancer awareness.                                                                                                        Her stories are spiritual, physical, and mental triumphs that she shares to give others hope.  Life's confrontations and challenges drove Author M.Harbin to analysis the way she lives, which transformed her tribulations into  achievements.  She gains personal development  to serve throughout  our communities across the world. Her powerful soul-searching presentations profoundly uplifts audiences to a higher standard to strive for better family values and put our children first.                                                                                                                          M. Harbin says;  “ If I can face my struggles  and suceed; then others can relate to my lessons well learned, and maybe avoid the pitfalls I have experienced along the way."  This Novel will prepare young adults to face challenges in life that are sure to come. “ You are the Father"  Collectors Edition is not a self -help book , it ‘s a self-think book for men, women, and young adults.                                                                                                                        She challenges us all to think about who we are and what we want out of life in regards to a family.  There is limited research what exist about childbearing with more than one partner.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER / KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                                                                 PHILANTHROPIST / ENTREPRENEUR                                                                                                                     COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER                                                                                                                           AUTHOR / MENTOR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

M. Harbin is committed to our communities across the world to bring knowledge and attention to the phrase Multiple Partner Fertility and increase Breast Cancer Awareness.  Her goal is to strengthen and stabilize marriages and focus primarily on family values and life assessments programs. Helping Men and Women to pay attention to their bodies and know the signs and symptoms of changes in the chest area that may later lead to health issues. These are the causes that I stand for, please support and sponsor me to help mentor our young men, women and children in our society of today. www.multiplepartnerfertility.org

     Author Michelle Harbin is an Entrepreneur /  Motivational Keynote Speaker and President and Founder of Multiple Partner Fertility Awareness! . She served in the United States Army as a Business Administrator.  A Real Estate Investor, and Member and Sponsor of the South  Regional Economic Justice Network ( Economic change for all communities.)  She participates in various focus groups for marketing. Modeled for Wendy Ward Charm School as  a mannequin  for Montgomery Ward Department Store  and a promotional  Model for English Leather Cologne. Attended Wayne County Community College, worked for Mayor Coleman Young-Neighborhood Services. Studied and graduated from the LA School of Acting for Voice Over and Acting. ( An overview of acting for TV, Film, and Commercials.)   Screenplay writer, Advocate and Community Activist  for equal rights, justice and peace. Community Volunteer, School Proctor, and a proud Mother of three children.  Dedicated member of ( F.L. I. P. ) Females Leading In Philanthropy  ( Women Planting Seeds for Hope.)   Empowerment Coach Mentoring and Educating young adults on (MPF) and Planned Parenting, Pregnancy Prevention, Risk Factors involved, Invaluable information regarding Family Values and Solutions. 
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