You are the Father!


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In the U.S. Men and Women Who Father Children with More Than One Partner:  This is a Portrait of Multiple-Partner Fertility. (MPF) is the term that researchers use to describe the pattern of a man or a woman having biological children with more than one partner. It has potentially negative consequences for men, women, and children in the community. As a result this severely increases in very poor quality of families and higher conflict in relationships where there is not stability in the home.  (MPF) causes a world wind of division among women and children.  Social contact and financial obligations to the children are limited if at all. (MPF) is surprisingly common at all levels of income and education, and varies by race and ethnicity. However, this pattern is more common among minority men and women in urban areas.  The major risk factors involved are: African American, earlier childhood sex, men and women who have been incarcerated, less educated, growing up without their biological parents and bearing children before the age of 20. Almost one out of ten men has children with multiple partners. On average, men with multiple-partner fertility have more children with the same woman. Most men with varied relationships histories experience multiple-partner fertility.  (MPF) not only affects people in the US, this is a World Wide epidemic. We must please stop the term “Baby Momma “ and “ Baby Daddy“: Teaching family values are greatly needed in our communities today.

The wait finally is over. You are the father  " The Collectors Edition is here! Thrilling, entertaining suspense, and most of all educational . This breath taking compelling novel should be on the big screen or made into a Broadway play.

Compelling in the extreme, You are the Father! "COLLECTORS EDITION "is a definite page-turner. Reader will experience an intense dramatic roller coaster ride as they take a twist and turns with the characters lives of love, lust and lies.



​  " You are the Father! "  Multiple Partner Fertility Awareness!

Based on a true story! This Manuscript is a  dramatic, fascinating parable of love, deception and infidelity. Exemplified  and well revised  by Author Michelle Harbin , she ignites an intense flame on a topic that plaques our nation of young men, women, and children, which is Multiple Partner Fertility. The majority will not challenge this issue because of the ramifications.  Countless citizens from every ethnic group have been through this adversity, and will not reveal it as a crisis or  imitation of their own lives.  These actions  are normally associated  with  their surroundings and (MPF)  becomes a vicious cycle.

     The main characters William, Chanel, and Hanna are involved in love triangle that gets very atrocious. William leaves Hanna for Chanel and their hopeless lives  begins to escalate out of control. Hanna desires her man back and  undoubtedly will stop at nothing until she seeks vengeance  on both of them. William has numerous children by seven women. The trivial lies and games William plays with them catches up with him in the long run.  The readers will take a distinctive  journey through the chronicles of a man and two women playing in a world of complex romance and affairs.  You are the Father!  is an interesting read that will help everyone identify with the reality about various relationships. A dynamic, captivating novel  with viewpoints that  everyone can relate to or gain  knowledge from.​


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Collectors Edition: 2012                               ISBN:  13-978-1478370499                   ISBN;  10-147837049                                   6" x 9"  ( 15.24 x 22.86 cm)                           Black & White on Cream paper       Genre: Family Relationships                         BISAC:  Antiques & Collectibles/Books         Pages: 183                                                     Published October 6, 2012


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Multiple Partner Fertility Awareness

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Resources and information on Multiple Partner Fertility

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The Future of Children, Princeton University and the Brookings Institution. Vol.15, No.12 Fall 2055

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